State  Company Location
 FLComcar IndustriesHiring in 25 states
 IACRST ExpeditedHiring in 41 states
 WIKreilkampHiring in 9 states
 PASatnam Distributors LLCHiring in 50 states
 FLSchwend, IncHiring in 6 states
 MOTri-National, Inc Hiring in 5 states
 ALBoyd Bros. Transportation IncHiring in 24 states
 MOOrTran Inc.Hiring in 28 states
 PAKeen TransportHiring in 19 states
 FLSmart Log GroupHiring in 36 states
 KSButler TransportHiring in 36 states
 ILRT&T Enterprises, IncHiring in 7 states
 WIMarten TransportHiring in 50 states
 OKMelton Truck LinesHiring in 42 states
 GARWH Trucking IncHiring in 10 states
 MOCon-way TruckloadHiring in 46 states
 NEK&B TransportationHiring in 24 states
 AZKnight TransportationHiring in 49 states
 MISuper ServiceHiring in 30 states
 TNAveritt Express IncHiring in 21 states
 CASafer Transportation IncHiring in California
 TXJ.S. Helwig & SonHiring in 34 states
 TNFirstExpressHiring in 9 states
 KSTransAm Trucking IncHiring in 31 states
 ILLeadsourcer LLCHiring in 44 states
 IDD&D TransportationHiring in 20 states
 ILU.S. FreightwaysHiring in 49 states
 IAC&A Transport, LLCHiring in 38 states
 OHTrucking Jobs Near YouHiring in 48 states
 USAView more trucking companies >>Hiring Nationwide
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Best Hiring Trucking Companies


One good sign that the US economy is back in gear is the number of trucking companies now hiring across every state. In addition to the recession's decreased freight demand forcing employers to scale back on drivers and some even cutting entry-level training positions all together, new federal regulations imposing stricter driver standards have also been forcing companies to eliminate those falling short. Now, as the industry is revving back up its business, trucking companies have a much smaller pool to hire from and truck drivers have become today's top demand.


What are companies doing to combat today's truck driver shortage?
Competing for the increasingly limited amount of qualified truck drivers and recruiting new applicants has become a major challenge for hiring companies. The top strategy for many is continually evaluating driver pay and benefits, not only to compete as companies themselves but to ensure the trucking industry remains competitive with other industries as well. Adding to this overall strategy is a more focused effort to improve the difficult aspects of the profession, such as quality of life, healthy lifestyle and family relationships.  Not only has this resulted in a number of healthy program incentives such as gyms and healthy food menus being implemented at truck stops across the nation, more of today's trucking companies are restructuring operations and making “home time” key to their appeal.


With all the companies competing for today's truck drivers, what else distinguishes one from the other and the truck driving jobs they offer?
While all trucking companies essentially provide the same service of transporting goods, they differ by the type of transportation service offered. They can first be classified according to the nature of the freight; general freight trucking and specialized freight trucking such as refrigerated good or dangerous good requiring more specialized qualifying drivers. Distance is another factor distinguishing between companies and mainly what differentiates the type of truck driving positions they offer. With the most common carriers specializing in hauling large shipments for long distances, long haul truck drivers are the most in demand and typically the highest paying of the industry. But as more manufacturing companies are restructuring their distribution centers to more localized operations, trucking companies are following suit and increasingly able to offer truck drivers the more favored regional and local positions as well.


Why are there so many trucking companies partnering with
Today's truck driver shortage has become a growing concern to the US economy overall and a major problem for the trucking companies competing to recruit and retain their teams of drivers. The industry's top competitors are the employers who understand that appealing to a smaller pool of drivers also means casting a wider net and there is no better way than the World Wide Web. has become the a one-stop truck shop connecting the best drivers with today's best trucking jobs.