Truck Driving Jobs in Ohio:

 Date Job Title Company Location
 10/20Weekly Hometime Marten Transport Cincinnati, OH
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Ozark Motor Lines
J.B. Hunt
C.R. England Trucking

Truck Driving Jobs in Ohio:

 Date Job Title Company Location
 10/20Weekly Hometime Marten Transport Cincinnati, OH

Truck Driving Jobs in Ohio:

Date: 10/20
Position: Weekly Hometime
Employer: Marten Transport
Location: Cincinnati, OH
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Position: OTR Job Now Open | $47000 Avg

Company: J.B. Hunt

Location: Zachary, LA

Contact: 877-838-3653

Description: Pets allowed, No rider feeZachary OTR Truck Driving Job Details: • Annual average earnings of 47000• Productivity bonus & referral bonus• Accessorial pay• Consistent Home Time&...

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Ohio Back in Swing, truck drivers in Demand


From its flat land to pleasant rolling country to its rugged hills in the southeast, Ohio is a Midwest state located in the prime Great Lake region and bordering major centers of four other states. While its rich farmland provides a strong agriculture industry and its rich minerals lead the country in production of lime, clay and salt, Ohio has grown into a highly industrialized center with many major cities and its automotive and metal manufacturing industries now leading its economy.



With railways and highways crisscrossing the state, Ohio has long provided the means for transporting large amounts of good everywhere. From its Lake Erie ports in Toledo and Cleveland to its network of highways to major cities across the nation, Ohio is hub for transportation. Adding that to its recently reviving automotive industry, Ohio relies on its trucking industry more than ever and truck drivers are increasingly in demand.


for everyday lives. As the economy has improved dramatically in the last two years and is continuing to grow stronger, these numbers are only getting higher and Ohio's trucking industry needs more and more drivers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the number of trucking companies in Ohio had grown to 12,730 and the trucking industry paid out almost $12 billion dollars in annual wages.


Also found, was these trucking companies provided 268,470 jobs, employing one out of 15 people in the state and truck drivers earning a $44,390 annual salary, well above the national average. With more and more truck driving jobs becoming available and a variety of positions ranging from light delivery drivers to heavy tractor-trailer drivers to local to long haul, Ohio is becoming a hotspot for jobs. It's trucking industry not only thriving and providing lucrative earnings; it is also committed to the safety of its drivers and bettering the industry as well. The Ohio Trucking Association provides a number services to its drivers and educates the community on sharing the road with commercial trucks. It continues to improve the quality and safety of the trucking industry through improved driver training, investment in advanced safety technologies and active participation in industry safety initiatives at the local, state and national levels.


Ohio has certainly suffered in recent years, but those days are over and the trucking opportunities are now. There are all types of jobs becoming available all over the state with the most jobs being in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati. Whether you already live in Ohio or coming from another state, the jobs are plentiful for truck drivers who want them and will help you get the best of them. We are the one-shop on-line truck stop for the best truck driving opportunities, with immediate access to available positions all over the state to on-line application forms directly linking you to the employers before anyone else.


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